Michael O’ Riordan

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

            Hello, my name is Mikey. I am a Graphic Designer based in Ireland. I help people communicate their ideas.

            I like to work with individuals and organisations who try to do good things for the world. I am currently available open to commissions and collaborations. You can get in touch with me here:



2019 / 2021
From: Minerva University
Direction: Ayo Seligman & Nicole Duran
Designer: Michael O’ Riordan
Music: Chris Royal

            Civitas is a milestone event for the students of Minerva University. Every semester, Minervan students and professionals from various industries network and link up to pursue civic projects. The works are generally for the benefit of the various communities the students find themselves living in around the world.
            The imagery depicts shapes overlapping, and intermingling.* They are an abstract representation of the networking and idea creation that occurs at these milestone events.

Concept Design
Animation & Motion Graphics

*Depicted are designs from multiple years