Michael O’ Riordan

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

            Hello, my name is Mikey. I am a Graphic Designer based in Ireland. I help people communicate their ideas.

            I like to work with individuals and organisations who try to do good things for the world. I am currently available open to commissions and collaborations. You can get in touch with me here:



Direction & design: Michael O’ Riordan

            We had to do a brand campaign in 4th year Experience Design. I based my project around the fact that your personal data was being gathered, bought and sold by various organisations in the world.
           The goal was to make people feel a little paranoid. Hopefully, they would go to the website and learn about ways to protect themselves. I feel that the research was excellent but the carry out lacked something. However, it was featured in the Design Research Socieities 2018 exhibition.

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