Michael O’ Riordan

Graphic Design & Visual Communication

            Hello, my name is Mikey. I am a Graphic Designer based in Ireland. I help people communicate their ideas.

            I like to work with individuals and organisations who try to do good things for the world. I am currently available open to commissions and collaborations. You can get in touch with me here:



Direction & design: Clodagh Sullivan, Ryan Hoey, Michael O’ Riordan

            This was such a whirlwind of a project. We realised a couple of weeks out that we had no look/feel for our graduate exhibition. We got together and started looking at gas stuff. I think we came together in a Golf Wang, Tyler the Creator space. 
           We ended up getting in arguments with lecturers about how “shallow” it was. The key message and only message really, was that it was going to be class. And that’s what the project successfully showed. It was going to be MINT.