Michael O’ Riordan

Branding, Design, & Visual Communication

        Hello, my name is Mikey. I’ve been working in the fields of Brand and Design for many years. I have a diverse skillset that makes it easy for me to thrive in evolving interdisciplinary settings. I want to work with people and organisations who innovate at the forefront of their industry, thought leaders who aren’t afraid to be disruptive and push boundaries. 

        Whether creating a brand identity, building a product that will scale globally, or crafting profound experiences that foster meaningful connections, my goal remains the same; I strive to develop work that not only inspires, but also educates and empowers the viewer. Ultimately, I aspire to work at the intersection of design, education, and innovation, where creative ideas and learning meet.

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Minerva Project - 2019/2022

Entrepreneur First - 2022/2023
Brand Strategy Consultant

Minerva University - 2023
Senior Designer

Freelance - 2016/2023

Studio93 - 2017
Junior Designer


Moate Business College 2013 - 2014
Art & Design Portfolio

Technological University of the Shannon:
Midlands 2014 - 2017
BA Graphic Design
First Class Honours

Technological University of the Shannon:
Midlands 2017 - 2018
BA Honours Graphic & Digital Design
First Class Honours


TUS BA Graphic Design - Student of the Year 2017

Featured in Design Research Society 2018 Exhibiton ‘Best of Emerging Irish Design’ for the self-directed project ‘Recd’ and also for work produced in Ryan Hoey’s project ‘ZINEGIRLZ’

Featured in the 100 Archive’s “In with the new” article series.

Part of the team that helped Minerva University get listed as WURI’s “Most Innovative University in the World” in 2022.
Entrepreneur First

2022 / 2023
Direction & design: Michael O’ Riordan
Design Support: Nick Williams

            Entrepreneur First is a talent investment organisation that has nurtured the founders of companies such as Sonantic, Tractable, Ochre Bio, La Vie, Merkle Science and Omnipresent to name a few of the standouts. They seek out people with skill, drive, and talent and sponsor them to join a cohort full of similar people. Within EF’s unique program, these potential founders find another co-founder in the cohort that they can work with, identify a problem that their combined skillset can solve, and build a business together. If EF think they have a unique right to win in their chosen field, good traction with customers and the conviction to achieve these things, EF will invest in and support the fledgling co-founders.

           A contact of mine reached out and asked if I could shake things up in a brand system that was convoluted and misaligned with the business’s positioning. I started by visually capturing the feverish energy that mirrored the co-founder “speed dating” experience; circling good ideas, underlining statements that resonated with people. I tried to get position EF as the most exciting place to start a company with global impact.

            A four month project turned into supporting the global marketing effort for a year, until two more major VC companies entered our visual design space and we had to pivot. Now EF is on the verge of a much deeper brand refresh with MultiAdaptor.

Design Research